School Policies

The following are policies that govern the administration of any and all courses offered by 1st Coast School. Any written or oral representation by a registrar or instructor shall not supersede the policies listed below.

TuitionTuition is due in full prior to the beginning of any class. Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition is subject to change without notification.

Discounts or coupons – Discounts must be arranged in advance of class registration. Coupons must be entered online during the check out process.

Cancellation – If a student must reschedule a class prior to the start date, notice must be given to the school 48 hours in advance of the class. Students can be issued a tuition credit to take any other course within 6 months of the original class date. TUITION IS NOT REFUNDABLE.  

Webinar Cancellation - The email notifications for Webinars are sent out by GoToWebinar with a statement that cancellation is allowed anytime. This is NOT the policy of the 1st Coast School. These emails are not generated by the school and we have no control over their content. Please see above for our cancellation policy.

Refund Policy – Tuition is not refundable.

No Show - Students who do not show up for class and have not made prior arrangements through the office will forfeit tuition.

Online Classes - Computer issues, such as login problems, for online classes are not the responsibility of the school.  Computer requirements listed on our website must be reviewed to make sure the computer to be used is compatible with the Citrix GoToTraining program and that the latest version of Java has been downloaded on the computer.  Students who fail to login for an online course will be considered No Shows and will forfeit tuition. Students understand that any course requiring an "Affidavit" MUST return this "Affidavit" to the school office within 5 days following course completion in order to receive credit for the course. Affidavits should be emailed to
CE Webinars - Students are required to participate in the webinar in its entirety and to submit a sworn affidavit to the school within 5 days after the webinar completion in order to receive course credit.

Friends and Family - Any group of two or more attending the same licensing course on the same dates can apply for a 10% discount; groups of 5 or more can apply for up to a 20% discount.  All students in the group must be preregistered and tuition paid prior to the beginning of class.  If you have questions regarding special pricing for large groups please call the office. No retroactive discounts can be given.

NSF Returned Checks – There is a $35 fee charged for all returned checks. Students are the responsible party for all payments regardless of who has paid the tuition, such as friends, relatives, companies, etc.

Books and Materials –  The 1st Coast School Licensing Workbook is required for all licensing courses offered both in classroom and as a webinar.  Any State Manuals and the 1st Coast School Licensing Workbook can be purchased for licensing courses on the first day of class.  Workbooks can only be ordered through the 1st Coast School.  All workbooks will be used beginning the first day of class.  PLEASE NOTE:  Books, Workbooks, flashcards, and materials cannot be returned for a refund, even if there is a class cancellation.  All of our class materials and Workbooks are protected by and fall within the U.S. Copyright laws.  We do not allow study aids from any other school in class.  Please do not bring any other school's materials to class with you.

Receiving an Incomplete in a Licensing Course - Any student who does not meet the minimum required hours for a licensing class or fails the course must finish the hours in the next available class and will be charged the following  transfer fee $50.00 for first transfer, $75.00 for each transfer thereafter. This completion of hours or retake of tests/exams must be completed within 6 months of the original class end date.
Class Cancellation - Generally the school does not cancel a class, but if we must cancel a class any registered student will be offered the ability to either move to another class offering date or be given a refund of tuition.  All refunds must be in the same manner as the original payment.  If payment was by credit card then the refund must be to the same credit card account as the original payment.  Even if the school refunds tuition due to class cancellation, we do not give refunds for books, flashcards, and materials. 
Hurricanes and tropical storms – The school makes every effort not to cancel classes but with hurricanes or tropical storms we sometimes have no choice. The school office monitors the weather during these situations and makes decisions based on the bulletins and warnings put out by each local government. In the event classes must be canceled we try to reschedule them as quickly as possible once we are certain the storm has passed.

Tutoring - Private tutoring is available.  There is a two (2) hour minimum.  Tuition is not refundable.  Instructors set aside time for private tutoring based on the requests of the individual student, therefore there are no cancelations or rescheduling for these special sessions and students must be on time.  The tutoring session begins at the agreed upon time.  If the student is late they will miss time paid for that will not be made up.  No shows forfeit the tuition. 
Repeating Continuing Education Courses - Students may not receive credit for repeating a continuing education course within a 24-month period, per Florida Statutes.  The school makes every effort to constantly update courses to try and keep this from happening.  However, the school is not responsible for any student repeating a course within that 24-month period.  All students must keep track of the courses they have taken and when they were taken.  Student transcripts, containing all courses taken, can be viewed in each student's records by going to "My Profile" on the Department of Financial Services website.

Cell phones – Cell phones must be either turned off or put on silent when entering class. Students in violation of this rule will be asked to leave class and will not be permitted to return with the cell phone. These are a disruption to class.

Recording devices No type of recording device including voice, tape, cameras, video, camera phones, etc. are permitted in the classroom.

Computers – Laptop computers are permitted in class, provided they are used solely for taking notes, are not distracting to other students and not used in an inappropriate manner. If any of these policies is violated the instructor will ask the student to remove the computer from the classroom.

Books, newspapers, magazines, paperwork – Books, newspapers, magazines, paperwork, etc. are not allowed in the continuing education classes per Florida Statutes. Students bringing any of these items to class will be asked to remove them.

Smoking – Smoking is not permitted inside any of our facilities. Smoking is permitted outside the building in designated areas but we ask that you do not smoke near the entrances as a courtesy to other students.

Weapons – Per state law, weapons of any kind including guns and knives are not permitted in schools, even if you hold a concealed weapons permit. School policy also extends to off-duty law enforcement officers.

Disruptive Students – Instructors have the right to dismiss students from class who are disruptive or acting in a way which might be harmful to another student and the student will forfeit tuition for the class and their right to attend future classes.

Class Questions – We encourage questions as long as they pertain to the material being discussed and are not situation “what if” type questions. As time is limited it is up to each instructor to determine how many questions can be entertained during class. Auditing students are to defer to the current students in class and limit their questions.

Tests and Examinations – Tests and examinations are administered during all licensing classes and anyone found cheating will be dismissed from class and receive no credit and no refund on tuition.  A final grade of 70 or above must be achieved in order to receive certification for any licensing course.

Absences/Late to class – Florida Statutes governed the hours of all insurance classes. For continuing education students must be on time per Florida Statutes or they will not be admitted to class and will forfeit tuition. For licensing classes Florida Statutes require completion of at least 75% of the course hours for certification.

Dress Students are asked to come dressed in the appropriate attire for class. The temperature in the classrooms may fluctuate, please come prepared for both warmer and cooler temperatures.

Classrooms – All students are asked to straighten up their chairs and tables before leaving. Pick up any trash and throw it in the trash can. Breaks are given in every class for students to have snacks and drinks.

Vandalism – Any student found vandalizing the school in any way will be dismissed from the class and will forfeit their tuition.

Parking  When walking to your cars at night use the “buddy” system for added safety. The school is not responsible for any items left in cars so make sure valuables are kept in a secure place.

Items left in classroom or office – The school is not responsible for items left in our facilities. Make sure to check that you have all of your valuables, books, etc. prior to leaving.

The above are current policies governing the operation of 1st Coast School. From time to time circumstances will require that new policies be added or current policies revised. All students should read and become familiar with these.